CRU Paintball: An Adrenaline Rush for Your Next Party

Few parties can match the thrill of gathering your guests and hitting the fields at CRU Paintball. Our fields are accessible to players of all ages and fitness levels, meaning anyone and everyone can join the fun. For corporate events, team building, birthday and bachelor parties, we guarantee an unforgettable experience on our paintball fields.

CRU Paintball for Corporate Events and Team-Building

When it comes to team-building, you really can’t beat paintball. Not only is everyone experiencing the same rush of playing the game, but a team can’t win unless they truly work together.

Stepping onto a paintball field, sprinting from cover to cover and blasting the other team is a bonding experience in and of itself. You aren’t likely to forget about crouching behind cover with your co-worker as paint splatters all around you, or charging the enemy base with a coordinated attack. Additionally, your team will only succeed through careful planning, effective communication and a dedication to teamwork.

CRU Paintball offers one of the the most effective (and plain old fun) team-building activities out there. After a day on our fields, we promise you’ll be reminiscing about it over the water-cooler for a long time.

Birthday Parties, Bachelor Parties and More

There’s nothing quite like the rush of endorphins and adrenaline you get from charging onto the field, ducking to avoid enemy fire and going in guns blazing. We dare you to find entertainment for your party that will get the blood pumping like CRU Paintball. In short, CRU Paintball offers the most exciting parties in Metro Detroit, Flint and beyond.

We can accommodate players as young as seven years old, making CRU Paintball a perfect fit for any age range. We have everything you need to throw a great party!  We also welcome our guests to bring outside food and drink to their events, though we do not allow alcohol on the premises.

Contact CRU Paintball today for an authentic adrenaline rush at your next event. We guarantee you won’t forget it!