Safe Play

CRU Paintball – Where Safety is the #1 Priority

At CRU Paintball, we take safety very seriously. We have an unwavering commitment to making sure that all of our guests have fun and go home safe. We’re proud to say that we have a spotless record when it comes to safety, which is only accomplished through our dedication to keeping our paintball fields completely safe.

Professional Safety Gear and Pre-game Safety Checks

Our safety protocols start before anyone even steps on the field. We use only the highest quality safety gear to ensure that no matter what happens on the field, nobody is hurt. We use tried-and-tested, professional paintball masks to protect a player’s eyes as well as their entire face. Our staff ensures that everyone is wearing their mask properly so that it not only stays on, but comfortably fits the player.

While we carefully select the equipment and guns we rent for safety, we also meticulously screen players bringing their own guns for safety. We use top-of-the-line equipment to clock the feet-per-second (FPS) speed of every paintball gun to guarantee that everyone’s gun operates at a safe speed. Any time a player steps off the field, barrel-bags are required to prevent any accidental firing.

Referees on the Field at all Times, No Exceptions

As part of our commitment to safety, we have professional referees on every field for every game. We have a strict policy against any player removing their mask on the field for any reason, and our referees closely supervise players to guarantee nobody endangers their safety by doing so. If there are any younger players on the field, we can put them in groups and assign a referee to follow them around the field so that they’re never on the field alone.

Low-Impact Play

For players that are especially concerned about safety or bruises, we offer low-impact play to guarantee that you can still join the fun. For low-impact play, we use guns with an even lower feet-per-second speed. While our ordinary FPS threshold meets all safety standards in the industry, an even lower speed can make the game less intimidating for players worried about the power of the guns.

We take pride in being the premier paintball location for Oakland, Genesee and Ingham counties, so the safety of our guests is our top priority. If you have any questions about paintball safety or are curious about how we maintain our spotless record, give us a call today. We’ll be happy to walk you through our safety guarantee and tell you more about our dedication to safe play!